East Memphis Rotary History - 2019-2020


President Richard Marsh
Secretary Wendy VanCleve
Treasurer Kevin Boes
President-Elect Matt Haaga
Past President Matt Haaga
Sergeant-at-Arms Terry Dunger

Board of Directors

  • Bill Pickens
  • Dale McGee
  • Jason Martin
  • John Seabold
  • Kathy Simonetti
  • Kerri Campbell
  • Kerry Melson
  • Nita Hurdle
  • Penny Schaffler
  • Rev. Jim Marquis
  • Robert Sutton
  • Walter Plumlee
  • Willie Towler

District Governor

Jonathan Mattox, Oxford, MS

Rotary International President

Mark Maloney

We started the year with 106 members. Due to the beginning of the COVID pandemic, our meetings were sporatic. At the beginning of 2020, all activities were suspended due to the country being shut down. We continued to struggle through the year with a few Zoom meetings and ended with 103 members which proved the commitment of our members to ensure that RCME remained viable.

Upcoming Meetings