Your attendance at the weekly meetings of the Club is one of the extremely important aspects of Rotary membership. Attendance is important not just for the sake of maintaining good records, but it directly affects your Rotary experience. It is, for the most part, at the weekly meeting where you have the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of the other members of the club - it is where you learn much of the Rotary's involvement in the Community in carrying out the SERVICE of Rotary - and, SERVICE is what ROTARY is all about.

Therefore, it should be stressed that you are always expected to attend Rotary, hopefully on Wednesday at the meeting of your own club; however, if attendance is not possible, then you are expected to make up that meeting at another Rotary Club, (a more detailed explanation of "make-up" is given below.)

To put it briefly, you are expected to strive for 100% attendance; the material which you will read on the following page that refers to a minimum attendance of 60% is just that - the barest minimum that you can attend and not forfeit your membership; it does not represent the commitment which is expected f you as a member of Rotary.
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